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Professional Cutting Board | End Grain 018

Professional Cutting Board | End Grain 018

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This Professional Cutting Board is carefully crafted to elevate the culinary experience of serious home cooks. Featuring an end grain construction, this cutting board is perfect for use by the home chef looking for a durable and reliable cutting surface. Elevate your kitchen game and invest in the tool all serious home cooks deserve.

Superior Durability

Each piece of wood is meticulously arranged in a pattern to showcase the end grain, providing a resilient and forgiving cutting service. As a serious home cook, you'll appreciate the superior durability end grain boards offer. End grain boards also reduces the likelihood of knife marks, creating a self-healing surface when maintained with a food-safe wood wax such as Blake's Board Butter.

Improved Knife Performance  

Say goodbye to dull blades and hello to precision cuts. When cutting, chopping or slicing on end grain cutting boards, you knife is going between the wood fibres, minimizing the impact on your knife's edge, ensuring your knives stay sharper for longer. This means you can confidently tackle even the most intricate cuts and techniques, enhancing your culinary skills

Statement Piece for any Kitchen

Beyond its functional benefits, our handcrafted end grain cutting board is a statement piece for your kitchen. The intricate woodwork adds an air of sophistication to your kitchen. Maintaining a wood cutting board is straight forward, and with proper care, this end grain board will aid you in your culinary creations for years to come. 

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