About Stillbay Home Goods

We make a good team

Hello and welcome! We are Hilary and Blake, the co-founders, artisans and designers behind Stillbay Home Goods - located in Yarmouth County, Nova Scotia.

We are inspired by many things, but most notably, the great outdoors. We cherish our time in Canada's wilderness and these beautiful surroundings have certainly influenced a lot in our lives, including many of the products we create.

Our love of the outdoors is also why operating sustainably is so important to us. Whether it’s creating an eco-friendly, food-safe cutting board conditioner, using paper with post-consumer recycled content, or supporting other small businesses by sourcing materials locally; keeping our environmental impact and support of community in mind continues to be a top priority. 

And when it comes to the products we design and create, our goal is to help you foster relationships in your life. Whether it's in the form of an art print, cutting board or larger piece of furniture - our hope is our purposefully-designed products will be the centrepiece of relationship building for generations to come.

  • About Hilary

    Hilary is the creative force behind Stillbay Home Goods. She is a capital ‘A’ Artist and hand-designs every single piece of artwork in our stationery lines. And because she has more creativity than most, you can also find her creating cutting board patterns, handling the marketing and customer service aspects of the business. 

  • About Blake

    At Stillbay Home Goods, Blake wears many hats - both literally and figuratively. But around the business, he is the architect behind the business’s strategic direction and leads the sales and operations components, including being the lead craftsman on all wood-related products coming out of the shop.