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Hilary's Picks - Discover Our Co-Founder's Favourites Chosen Just for You

Welcome to "Hilary's Picks," where we present you with a curated collection of top products chosen by our co-founder, Hilary. As an integral part of Stillbay Home Goods, Hilary's favourites reflect the essence of our brand and provide you with a glimpse into the products that have captured our founder's admiration.

Founder's Selections

"Hilary's Picks" are more than just products; they represent our co-founder's favourite items, carefully chosen to ensure that you experience the best of Stillbay Home Goods. Each product is a testament to quality, craftsmanship, and unique appeal.

Discover Hilary's Picks

Explore a diverse array of items within "Hilary's Picks," featuring top products, founder's favourites, and handpicked selections spanning our entire collection. Whether you're seeking inspiration or looking to connect with our brand, you'll find it here.

Crafted with Care

Much like the products featured in "Hilary's Picks," our brand is founded on principles of quality and care. We take pride in delivering products that mirror our commitment to craftsmanship and thoughtful design.

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Uncover the favourites of our co-founder, Hilary, and experience the essence of Stillbay Home Goods. Start shopping now and explore top products and founder's favourites that resonate with our brand's core values.