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Bar Boards - Small Cutting Boards for Your Home Bar and Kitchen Prep Needs

Welcome to Stillbay Home Goods' Bar Board collection, where small cutting boards meet big flavour potential. If you're a cocktail enthusiast or someone who loves to add a citrusy twist to your drinks, you're in the right place. Our Bar Boards are designed to be your go-to home bar essentials, taking your bar prep and kitchen prep to the next level.

Citrus Slicing Mastery

When it comes to crafting the perfect cocktail, precision is key. Our Bar Boards are the ideal tools for slicing citrus fruits like lemon and lime with ease. Say goodbye to cumbersome large cutting boards for small tasks and hello to the convenience of our Bar Boards.

Versatile and Compact

These small cutting boards are not just limited to citrus. They're versatile enough to handle a variety of small prep tasks, from herbs to garnishes. Their compact size makes them a convenient addition to any bar setup or kitchen. Looking for more uses? These boards are also great to use as sandwich plates or even a platter for your Girl Dinner.

Quality and Durability

Crafted with quality in mind, our Bar Boards are built to withstand the demands of bar and kitchen prep. They're easy to clean, ensuring you can focus on creating delicious cocktails and dishes.

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Upgrade your bar prep and kitchen prep with our Bar Boards. Explore the convenience and functionality of these small cutting boards and elevate your home bar experience.