delivered right to your door

No more rushing out to the store last minute or getting choice overload standing in the card aisle for an hour.

With our subscriptions, you'll get a selection of cards we have specially chosen delivered to you at whatever frequency you choose.

A nice little surprise of cards to make your gifting a breeze.

always be prepared to celebrate your loved ones

At Stillbay Home Goods, we LOVE spreading joy. And we love helping YOU spread joy even more.

There's something innately special and intimate about putting pen to paper and letting someone know they're thought of.

Imagine opening your mailbox and seeing a hand-addressed envelope. What are you feeling?

Curiosity, excitement, JOY?

Now think of a loved one opening their mailbox and the card is from you! You're the source of joy.

Now that is special.

help me spread joy
  • choose your type

    We offer two different types of card assortments:

    · birthday box
    · everything box

  • choose your quantity

    You can pick:

    · a box of 5 cards

    · a box of 10 cards

  • choose your frequency

    · monthly
    · every 3 months
    · every 6 months
    · every 12 months

  • we pick your cards

    Based on our current inventory, we'll select which cards to include in each box. A total surprise for you!

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As a special treat for subscribers, each box will include one new-release card that you get before the rest of the world. Who doesn't love first dibs?!

Subscription Options

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one less choice to make.

We know you're busy. Day in and day out you have to make decisions; what to wear, what to make for dinner, whether or not you're going to attend that event you got invited to that you don't really want to attend but you feel obligated to attend.

We get it.

That's why we choose the cards you receive in each box. I mean, once you get them you still have to choose between those ones. But that's nothing compared to the drug store card aisle.

Much easier.

I want one less choice

you're forgetful

Listen, we know birthdays sneak up on you. Even though they're on the same day every year, and you set the reminder in your phone...somehow it's the day before and you don't have a card.

AND it's 9pm, you're on the couch in your sweats on your second glass of wine, so you can't go to the store now.

But if you had a card subscription, you would already have a nice little collection of cards to choose from.

So go yourself the stress and sign up for the subscription.

And top up your glass of wine while you're at it.


frequently asked questions

How often will I receive the cards?

We have 4 frequencies to choose from: monthly, or every 3, 6 or 12 months.

So you will receive them as often as you choose when you sign up!

How many cards will I receive?

You have a choice between 5 or 10 cards.

So if you choose 5 cards and a 3 month frequency, you will receive 5 cards every 3 months until you cancel.

Can I cancel any time?

Yes! We want you to look forward to receiving your subscription and spreading the joy.

If you want to cancel or change your frequency, you can reach out to at any time before the next billing cycle, no questions asked.

What kind of cards will I receive?

We have 2 different themed boxes you can choose from. One is only birthday and one is everything.

Birthday is, well, only birthday cards. Everything could include baby, wedding, shower, condolence, thank you, any occasion, birthday, congrats, etc.

AND you can also choose between classy or crude+classy to make sure the cards you receive fit your vibe. We love a sense of humour but we don't want to be offending anyone.

Who makes the cards?

Hilary does! She hand draws all of our designs on her iPad and then the cards are printed.

What if I don't like the cards I get?

We try our very best to ensure the cards appeal to a wide range of people, but please keep in mind that not every card will be perfect for you. Our hope is that if you receive one you don't think you'll use, you'll share it with someone else who might.

While we don't offer returns on subscription cards, we do welcome feedback. If you're not happy with what you received, please let us know so we can make it right the next time.

You can also reach out to request a change in type, quantity or frequency.

This is a new offering for us so with your feedback we can continuously improve.

When will I be billed?

You'll be billed when your box ships, in the same frequency as your subscription.

For example, if you choose to receive a box every 3 months, you'll be billed every 3 months.

Do I have to pay for shipping?

No! Shipping is free when you sign up for the subscription.