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We craft wood + paper goods to help you slow down, connect, and create a space that makes you want to stay home.
Slow. | Thoughtful. | Purposeful.

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baby, let's take things slow

We live in a world of fast fashion, instant messaging and next-day deliveries.
But this is your permission to slow things down.

Instead of jumping on trends you'll tire of next month, think about what makes you happy. Not what everybody else likes.

If you slowly fill your space with pieces that are not only beautiful but useful and long-lasting too, you'll be building a home, not just a house.

Whether you love to host grand parties, just a few friends, or prefer staying home alone, the pieces in your home matter. The cutting board in your kitchen, the coasters in your living room, the serving tray in your dining room - they're not just things. They're part of your story, part of your slow-home journey.

If you love this idea of a "slow home", you're in the right place.
And we're so happy you're here.

slow home essentials

White hand-addressed envelope on a wooden table with a pen beside it.

snail mail is the best

Instant messaging, texting, email... it's nice. It's handy. But in a world where everything is rushed (and only getter faster), it's nice to slow down.

There's something innately special and intimate about putting pen to paper and letting someone know they're thought of.

Think of opening your mailbox and seeing a hand-addressed envelope. What are you feeling? Curiosity, excitement, JOY?

Now think of a loved one opening their mailbox and the card is from you! You're the source of joy.

Now that is special.

I want to spread joy

never be unprepared

Stock up on birthday cards so you'll never be caught saying "oh shit, Jane's birthday is tomorrow and I don't have a card!"

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  • With our card subscription boxes, we'll do the work for you so you'll never be caught without.

    · No 10pm trips to the drug store.
    · No spending an hour in the card aisle.
    · No choice overload.

    Choose your type, quantity, frequency and then sit back and relax.

    You'll get specially chosen cards delivered right to your door.

    We got this.

  • Thoughtful design

    We craft every product to foster connections and help bring you closer to those you love.

  • Meticulous attention to detail

    Everything from Stillbay is either made or designed by hand in Nova Scotia. 

  • Superior quality

    We use the highest-quality, sustainably-sourced materials we can get our hands on.

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