frequently asked questions

What happened to Sandham Woodcraft?

Blake from Sandham Woodcraft joined with Hilary from Happy Letters Studio to form our cohesive home goods brand: Stillbay Home Goods.

What happened to Happy Letters Studio?

Hilary has transitioned her products to Stillbay and now Happy Letters Studio is reserved for custom artwork (she specializes in pet portraits and monograms but loves to get creative with other projects too!)

Do you do custom work?

We sure do! All boards have customization right on the product pages, and if you’re looking for a completely custom size, variety, etc. - please contact us. If you’re looking for custom artwork, please head to Happy Letters Studio and Hilary can assist you there.

Where does your wood come from?

It’s all from Canada! The specifics depend on the wood variety but we try to source as much as we can from Nova Scotia or the Maritimes. We also source from out of province; one of our best selling woods (Black Walnut) doesn’t grow abundantly locally, so we typically source that from Ontario.

Who makes the cutting boards and furniture?

Blake does! He is the ultimate craftsman. He receives the wood in rough slab form and then takes it from there. He does everything from cutting, gluing, sanding, routering — all from a small shop on our property.

Who makes your stationery?

Hilary does! She's the ultimate artist. She hand-draws all the designs - some of it she prints herself in her home studio, while some of it gets done at third-party print shops. It all depends on quality and cost.

Do you have a showroom where I can look at products?

We will soon! We are in the process of converting a space into a showroom that will always be set up so you can stop by and take a look at our products. In the meantime, make sure you're following us on social media to see where we'll be popping up in person.

Are your products featured in stores?

Yes! Our products are featured in a few stores across three provinces right now — The Lumberjack's Daughter in Yarmouth, NS; Pharmasave in West Pubnico, NS; Niagara Food Company in St. Catharines, ON; and Archer & King in Elbow, SK. We are always looking for new shops that align with our brand — if you think we’d be a good fit for your shop, please reach out!

Who's behind Stillbay?

We are Hilary + Blake: partners in business, artistry, and life. We’ve got more info on our About page.