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Centre Stripe Bar Board | Small Cutting Board for Small Jobs

Centre Stripe Bar Board | Small Cutting Board for Small Jobs

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Our Bar Board is the ultimate tool for tackling small cutting tasks in your home bar or the kitchen. Designed to be compact and efficient, this cutting board is perfect for those quick jobs that don't require a full-sized board.

Compact and Practical

The Bar Board's small size makes it incredibly easy to handle, store, and clean. It takes up minimal space on your countertop, making it ideal for home bars and built-ins, apartments, RVs, or any kitchen where space is limited. Enjoy the convenience of a cutting board that fits perfectly into your lifestyle.

Versatile Utility

Despite its small size, the Bar Board offers versatility in its functionality. Use it for chopping citrus or small vegetables, preparing garnishes, or even as a personal cheese board for intimate gatherings. Embrace its versatility and discover endless possibilities for this handy kitchen tool.

The size area of these boards are approximately 23cm long, 16cm wide and 2cm thick (~9 x 6.25 x 0.75in).

Please note: Wood is a natural product and every piece has unique qualities. While the overall design of these boards will remain the same, the natural characteristics of the wood will vary the colours and wood grain slightly with each board. Additionally, all of our products are made individually by hand and while we strive for consistency in dimensions, from time to time, there may be up to a 1cm variation in the length and width of our cutting boards.

Board Size

Approximately 23cm x 16cm x 2cm


Various: Black walnut, cherry, maple

Product Care

Caring for a wood board isn't as hard as it's made out to be. For a complete guide - including some quick dos and don'ts - visit our product care page.

For best results, we recommend applying our own blend of food-safe wood conditioner: Blake's Board Butter.

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