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Set of 4 Natural Hardwood Coasters

Set of 4 Natural Hardwood Coasters

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Introducing our exquisitely crafted Hardwood Coaster Set, a harmonious blend of nature's finest materials. Meticulously fashioned from premium white oak, cherry, black walnut, and maple, each coaster encapsulates the timeless beauty of these distinguished hardwoods, bringing an air of sophistication to any setting.

Carefully selected for their durability and natural elegance, these coasters are not just practical accessories but also serve as stunning pieces of functional art. The rich, warm tones of white oak and cherry infuse a touch of rustic charm, while the deep, chocolate hues of black walnut add a sense of depth and luxury. Complementing this array of colours, the delicate grains of maple provide a soothing contrast, bringing a sense of balance and serenity to the collection.

Designed to protect your surfaces from unsightly marks and spills, these coasters boast a smooth, polished surface that is gentle on both glassware and delicate tabletops. The natural variations in the wood grains make each coaster in this set unique, creating an inviting and organic aesthetic that effortlessly elevates any home or office decor.

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