New beginnings...Introducing Stillbay Home Goods

New beginnings...Introducing Stillbay Home Goods

The ultimate collaboration.

Happy Letters Studio and Sandham Woodcraft have merged to become Stillbay Home Goods.

Since Hilary launching Happy Letters Studio in 2019 and Blake launching Sandham Woodcraft in 2022, we have always been heavily involved in each other’s businesses. Aside from the actual creation of products (Blake can’t draw and Hil hates the shop), we have always been invested in both businesses behind the scenes.

Our values are completely aligned.

With Hil’s goal to spread happiness and Blake’s to foster relationships, we found ourselves always looking for ways to use the other’s strengths and collaborate on products to bring you the best. But it always felt a little clunky choosing whose brand to market it under, or who the customer should contact. We wanted it to be simpler… for you and for us.

We have long talked about the idea of a well-rounded home goods company where we could really blend our talents and provide a seamless product line helping to bring you closer to those you love.

And that’s where Stillbay comes in.

Slow down + connect.

At at the forefront of Stillbay Home Goods is the idea of fostering connections, slowing down, and integrating nature wherever we can. We aim to provide purposefully designed home goods with longevity and sustainability in mind.

What does this mean for you? We are still providing the same thoughtful, high-quality products you’ve come to expect from us but under one brand instead of two. This means seamless communication, an elevated shopping experience, and a deeper product range. By joining forces, we’ll be able to serve you better by really playing to our strengths, business-wise and creatively. If you know us, I think you’ll agree we make a good team. And if you don’t know us…well, just take our word for it.

So why the name Stillbay?

We love being in nature and thrive in the slowness of Nova Scotia’s Yarmouth & Acadian Shores. Our home sits surrounded by trees with a tidal river flowing beside it — and at the back, a peacefully still bay where we can soak it all in. This feeling of slow contentment is one we want radiated through our brand, one that we want you to feel in your own home.

We’re so excited about this new collaboration with new products and services already being crafted.

Thank you so much for joining us on this journey and we hope you’ll like what’s to come.

Hilary and Blake

Co-Founders of Stillbay Home Goods

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